Monday, August 28, 2006

crystal clear - how to not get featured in a fanzine

it was the middle of 1988. my band had played around enough by now for fanzines here and there to start wanting to talk about us.
which was nice.

st. christopher | crystal clear

there was a guy whose name escapes me (brett?) who had a 'zine called "crystal clear" - named after st. christopher's first 7".
he seemed to like us and would often come over to see us rehearse (we were using my folks' garage at the time - you could here us right down the street every sunday afternoon), and talk about doing a 'piece ' on us in his 'zine.

one weekend we'd been asked to go up to york to do a gig with st. christopher and the pale saints at the spotted cow.
it's a long way to york from telford.

brett lived in stafford which was about a half hour drive away from us.
he offered to drive us up for the gig and we gratefully accepted.

the gig was fun though only attended by approximately a dozen people who each paid £1.50 or so to get in.
i think it was here that i was given this flexidisc:

pale saints/savlons/kerry fiddles

i would have been given it by a girl who iw ouldn't get to know until some 15 years later.
life's odd like that.

anyhow, we had fun even with no real audience and at the end of the night packed everything into the car ready to be driven home.
i opted for the passenger seat and promptly fell asleep.
about every 10 minutes of the 3 hour journey back home i would be forcably shoved by our fanzine-writing chauffeur as he tried to drive with me slumping across the gear stick and onto his shoulder/arm/thigh.
i probably dribbled on him too.

poor guy managed to get us home safely.
but to this day i've never heard from him again, and we certainly didn't appear in his fanzine.


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