Friday, August 04, 2006

the soup dragons & my favourite jumper

another band i never saw.
some friends from 6th form went to wolverhampton to see them but i stayed home.
to this day i have no idea why i didn't go along.

soup dragons | whole wide world

"whole wide world" was a great single.
both songs were around a minute and a half and they raced along and left me smiling.
soup dragons sounded like buzzcocks on speed - a great ball of buzzsaw guitars and singalong melodies.

there was a small piece about them in sounds which included a colour photo of them.
i fell in love with sean's jumper and so my girlfriend's mum knitted me one.
i gave her the photo and a few days later i was wearing the jumper!
and i adored it.
in fact it stayed with me until only 5 years ago when it finally got lost - i'd not worn it for a long time (honestly!).

anyhow, i can't find the picture of the soup dragons and that jumper so a picture of me wearing my replica will have to suffice.

me in that jumper 1986

this is more or less what it looked like:


soup dragons | hang ten!

soup dragons' next single was also a blast - "hang ten" was ridiculously catchy and stayed on my turntable for weeks and weeks.
and the 7" was on blue vinyl!
oh the joy.

i liked the next few singles, and soup dragons became a band i bought whenever something new came out.
until they did "backwards dog".
it just wasn't right.
as for their 'baggy' phaze - the less said about that the better.
but for a short while soup dragons were the bees knees.


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