Friday, August 11, 2006

the cure | birmingham | 1987

pastels | truck train tractor

why is there a pastels record in a post about the cure you might ask.

there's no reason other than the day that i went to see the cure i had printed myself a pastels t-shirt.
as i mentioned before i was a screenprinter in the 80's so lunchtimes were often taken up making screens of record covers and stuff and making them into t-shirts that i wanted.
i had a nice 14 iced bears one - blue with this cover on it:

14 iced bears | balloon song

the pastels one was actaully a print of the back of the "truck train tractor" cover. the drawing of a lady.
you know.

but i'm still not talking about the cure am i?

i'm trying to put it off.
i never liked them.
oh, i tried quite hard.
i bought 3 or 4 albums.
i even did a couple of cure cover versions in a short-lived and not very good duo called i use a pink comb.

here's the short cure anecdote.

i had a friend who was a huge cure fan and i had a car.
the cure were playing the NEC and he asked if i'd take him over if he bought the tickets - we'd not been to a concert together for a very long time.
mainly as he didn't really want to see any of the bands i liked.
so i took him.
it was a nice warm evening as we drove down the M6 to the NEC and joined the queue.

that was about the height of my evening.

i don't remember who supported but by the cure's second number i had fallen asleep in my seat and didn't wake until my by now rather annoyed friend poked me in the shoulder and said, "it's all finished, we can go now".


  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger winston theramin said…

    I am pretty sure there was no support. It was a Sunday night. They only played 4 UK shows on the Kiss Me tour - NEC & 3 at Wembley Arena. I mainly remember the huge lips projected on the screen as they came on. I wrote about it at my out of date site: http://mylifeingigs.blogspot.com/2005/02/oh-those-lips.html

  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Francis said…

    this was my first ever gig..i think I liked it a bit more than you did!
    check out my mp3 blog
    i'll be posting more late 80's indie stuff soon!you might like
    Frankie Machine

  • At 11:01 PM, Blogger crayola said…

    i'll go take a look.
    if we all like dthe same stuff the world would get boring right?


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