Wednesday, August 09, 2006

snub tv - or how to link the darling buds to napalm death

i used to watch snub TV religiously - as i used to watch the tube religiously.

napalm death | scum

i've already admitted to my continuing love of metal.
it's nothing to be ashamed of (apart from tygers of pan tang of course).
i'd bought napalm death's "scum" album and when no-one was looking i'd play it very loud in my room and want to jump about and shout a bit.

one evening snub did a feature on napalm death and exteme noise terror.

i watched it, laughed at the naivety of some of the things the band had to say - i still have the video somewhere and i love them. trying so hard to be right on but without the vocabulary to really get their point across.

anyhow, as i watched i thought, "i know that bass player from somewhere".
i looked at my napalm death record but he wasn't on it.

a few days later i was in the local record shop and there he was - the bass player from napalm death.
shane embury himself.
turned out he lived a few roads up from my house.
we exchanged cursory hello's and then he asked if the records he'd ordered had arrived.
they had and he bought them.
it was a bunch of darling buds records - various different versions of their singles and stuff - you know, poster bags, picture discs, the usual nonsense.
after he'd left i was told he was a huge darling buds fan.

to this day i find this fact hard to imagine.


  • At 7:03 AM, Blogger Silrod said…

    Although Indie and punk was my first love I often have dabbled with metal. Bought an album around the same time called Taco of Death by Extra Hot Sauce.

    One of those albums you buy because the cover and the name of the band really appeals to you, but you find that the musics good too.


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