Sunday, June 20, 2010

xPQwRtz Podcast Number Four - Fathers' Day Special

xPQwRtz Podcast Number Four

It's Fathers' Day here in the UK and to celebrate I have put together a bunch of saongs that all have father or somesuch in the title.
Apart from the first song, that is.


The tracklisting:

Father - Now I've Changed My Minder
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Sometimes The Father Is The Son
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Father
The Cannanes - Go & Tell Your Father
Keith John Adams - Dad
Can - Father Cannot Yell
The Bats - Daddy's Highway
Aphex Twin - Father
Thee Headcoats - The Day I Beat My Father Up
The Cravats - Daddy's Shoes
Keen - Daddy
Bogshed - Hand Me Down Father
The Yummy Fur - Father Ubu Says
Stump - Our Fathers

Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmyqywmjyjj

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Friday, May 21, 2010

XPQWRTZ Podcast Number 3 - The Pefect Eight Track

Hello again.
Here's the new podcast.
This time it's simply a bunch of songs that I love singing along to in the car.
There are a lot of songs that I like to sing along to in the car, but the fifteen in this selection are the ones that really make me smile and sing extra loudly to when they come on.
You see being a dad with a full time job these days, the only place I get to listen to music is in the car.

You might be pleased to know that other than saying hello at the beginning I don't talk during this podcast.
There didn't seem to be much point.

Track listing:

The Free French - Vowels
The Wolfhounds - Disgusted, E7
Age Of Chance - Be Fast Be Clean Be Cheap
bIG fLAME - Man Of Few Syllables
Stump - Alcohol
Marc Rile & The Creepers - Shadow Figure
The Knack - My Sharona
Julian Cope - Kolly Kibber's Birthday
The Verlaines - Doomsday
Robert Lloyd - The Part Of The Anchor
Dr. Feelgood - Roxette
The Shrubs - Edith
Swell Maps - Art
Adam & The Ants - Catholic Day

Get it here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

XPQWRTZ Podcast Number Two

This time it's all about cassettes.

Apologies for the sound quality in places but some of the music in this edition are from nigh on 30 year old tapes I've found in boxes in my garage.


The tracklisting is thus:

McTells - Expecting Joe
Beat Happening - Don't Mix The Colours
The Cannanes - Skeleton Is Your Little Boy
Yximalloo - My Washing Machine
Plant Bach Ofnus - Pyrdredd
The Lungs - The Day James Cagney Died
Howl In The Typewriter - Kelp
Remember Fun - Apple Of My Eye
Kokoshkar - Alaquon
God Is My Co-Pilot - An Irish American Forces His Death
The Twins And Rig Veeda - Never Mention

Get it here

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

xPQwRtz Podcast Number One

Ok, here we go.
This is the first podcast for this blog.
I began it with an idea of what I wanted to talk about but it's ended up as a barely linked wander through my decaying memory.


The Bachelor Pad - Albums of Jack
We The People - You Burn Me Up And Down
The Pastels - 25 Unfinished Plays
St. Christopher - Remember Me To Her
Pregnant Neck - Crispin Glover
Death by Milkfloat - TTYF
Membranes With Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club - Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder
Palookas - All The Will
Midget - Heaven Is Crazy
Hulaboy - Mermaid Sister
The Keatons - Gene Pool
Nina Hagen - Zero Zero UFO



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Sunday, April 04, 2010

XPQWRTZ Rides again!!!

Hello there.
I've been thinking about this blog for a while and quite frankly I've missed doing it.
I've also been doing some podcasting for various other sites.
So I've made a decision.
This blog is going to turn into a Podcast thing.


The first installment of the XPQWRTZ podcast will be ready for download shortly.

Is this a good idea?

Time will tell.
See you soon.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jacob's Mouse

I'm back for a brief time.
I've just read John Robb's marvelous "Death To Trad Rock" book (for which I designed the cover and within which I am interviewed. Me? Blowing my own trumpet? Of course!).

Anyhow, while reading it I was listening to a bunch of records that it related to.
And then I started pondering about where everything went.
I've mentioned the filthy noise of Silverfish somewhere else in this blog, but so far I don't think I've ever touched on Jacob's Mouse.

Do you remember Jacob's Mouse?
They were the pop end of the Wiiija (You do know what Wiiija is don't you? What it means? Think about it) early 90's noise fest that centered around The Camden, Silverfish, Terminal Cheesecake axis.

I first saw them one evening in a funny little club in Derby city centre.
I can't remember what the club was called but I'm sure Karen Ablaze was there too - she (or someone pretending to be her) gave me a 7" split single:

bivouac/truman's water/jacob's mouse/cornershop | split.jpg

Anyhow, I thought Jacob's Mouse were terrific. Deep and dark as the grave bass rumblings, high as possible trebled out guitars and a singing squealing drummer.

"Good" was and is my favourite JM song and one of my favourite 7" singles.

jacob's mouse | good.jpg

That first sighting of Jacob's Mouse in the flesh was probably around 1990/91.
The following year they played The English Bridge Centre in Shrewsbury (where I'd put on the 14 Iced Bears show a few years earlier where they were so loud they blew out the windows).
The weekend prior to Jacob's Mouse playing I'd decided to buy a dress.
A dress.
It was an ankle length long sleeved black dress which I wore with black leggings and para boots.
I didn't wear it often - the idea of it was far better than the execution - but I did wear it to go and see Jacob's Mouse.
Tey were tremendous and, sitting in the back room chatting with them both before and after their set, they were a very nice bunch of chaps.
Were they posh?
I remember them to have 'proper' accents.
But then I was sitting there in a dress so who can say.

jacob's mouse | no fish shop parking.jpg

A year or so later I saw them again.
Once again it was in Derby.
I have no idea why.
They were doing their "Group Of 7" period stuff (the last record I really liked by them) and once again they were a truly terrific live act.
By this time I'd ditched the dress.
In fact I'd had my dreadlocks cut off and was sporting a Terrie Ex crop and a pyjama top.

So, Wiiija.
You know what it means don't you?
Come on.

W11 1JA

Just off Portobello Road there's a record shop out of which a whole musical movement sprang forth and Wiiija was is it's post code.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello? Where've you been?

I wasn't intending on adding anything much to this blog.
Just got so bored of it.


I just put together a podcast for the Anorak Forum after discussing "Awkward" music, so I thought it might be nice to share it here too.

Right then.

I couldn't decide on a downloadable compilation type thing or a podcast.
So I went with a podcast (easier than trying to arrange the comp and re-tag everything).
If you'd prefer a comp so's you can listen to individual songs let me know.
Also, if you know how to arrange podcasts so that individual songs can be played rather than one long mix please let me know! (I've had GarageBand for a long time but never really used it before, so this might all be a bit clunky as I'm learning as I go).


1. there are probably some glaring omissions.
2. I was very temped to stick some old Two Tone songs on it as there's a real link (to my ears) between that and the scratched guitars of Dog Faced Hermans for example.
3. Most of the songs will be a bit clicky and scratchy as, with the old xPQwRtz compilations, most of the songs are from my old records.
4. It's not strictly in chronological order, though it is more or less. Some of the songs sat better in the positions I've put them. Yes, I actually thought this through and everything (and even though I titled it 79-95, there's a song or two from 96. So shoot me).
5. Enjoy!

Download here: http://sarandon.net/Anorak1979-1995.zip

Track Listing:

Swell Maps - Another Song (Rough Trade, 1979)
The Slits - Instant Hit (Island, 1979)
The Diagram Brothers (New Hormones, 1981)
Yeah Yeah Noh - Trini Lopez (Cordelia, 1985)
Nightingales - Use Your Loaf (Cherry Red, 1981)
The Cravats - Daddy's Shoes (DCL, 1982)
Vee VV - Keepbeat (Vinyl Drip, 1986)
The Membranes - Big Nose And The Howlin' Wind (Criminal Damage, 1984)
The Higsons - I Don't Want To Live With monkeys (Romans In Britain, 1981)
Splat! - Yeah...The Dum Dum (Ron Johnson, 1983)
The Very Things - Wall Of Fur (DCL/Reflex, 1986)
bIG fLAME - Man Of Few Syllables (Ron johnson, 1985)
MacKenzies - New Breed (Ron Johnson, 1986)
Jackdaw With Crowbar (Ron Johnson, 1987)
The Noseflutes - Catcheel Maskhole (Ron Johnson, 1986)
World Domination Enterprises - Hotsy Girl (Product Inc, 1988)
A Witness - Camera (Ron Johnson, 1985)
Twang - Here's Lukewarm (Ron Johnson, 1987)
The Shrubs - Edith (Ron Johnson, 1987)
Stump - Ice The Levant (Ron Johnson, 1986)
Bogshed - The Fastest Legs (Shelfish, 1986)
Sperm Wails - Lady Chatterley's Lover (Sprat & Mackerel, 1988)
Dog Faced Hermans - Frock (Vinyl Drip, 1989)
Death by Milkfloat - The Man Whose Senses Failed (Ediesta, 1988)
Dandelion Adventure - Jinx's Truck (Action, 1990)
Stretchheads - Acid Sweeney (Blast First, 1991)
Dawson - Leaf Sweepers And Sandwich Men (Gruff Wit, 1992)
Gag - Full Seaside Antics (Voice Of Shade, 1993)
Badgewearer - Short Fast Control (Guided Missile, 1994)
Mecca - Civil Kong Smasher (1992)
Nostril - Bewdong Canoe Start (Gruff Wit, 1996)
Yummy Fur - Amelia Scoptophilia (Guided Missile, 1995)