Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello? Where've you been?

I wasn't intending on adding anything much to this blog.
Just got so bored of it.


I just put together a podcast for the Anorak Forum after discussing "Awkward" music, so I thought it might be nice to share it here too.

Right then.

I couldn't decide on a downloadable compilation type thing or a podcast.
So I went with a podcast (easier than trying to arrange the comp and re-tag everything).
If you'd prefer a comp so's you can listen to individual songs let me know.
Also, if you know how to arrange podcasts so that individual songs can be played rather than one long mix please let me know! (I've had GarageBand for a long time but never really used it before, so this might all be a bit clunky as I'm learning as I go).


1. there are probably some glaring omissions.
2. I was very temped to stick some old Two Tone songs on it as there's a real link (to my ears) between that and the scratched guitars of Dog Faced Hermans for example.
3. Most of the songs will be a bit clicky and scratchy as, with the old xPQwRtz compilations, most of the songs are from my old records.
4. It's not strictly in chronological order, though it is more or less. Some of the songs sat better in the positions I've put them. Yes, I actually thought this through and everything (and even though I titled it 79-95, there's a song or two from 96. So shoot me).
5. Enjoy!

Download here: http://sarandon.net/Anorak1979-1995.zip

Track Listing:

Swell Maps - Another Song (Rough Trade, 1979)
The Slits - Instant Hit (Island, 1979)
The Diagram Brothers (New Hormones, 1981)
Yeah Yeah Noh - Trini Lopez (Cordelia, 1985)
Nightingales - Use Your Loaf (Cherry Red, 1981)
The Cravats - Daddy's Shoes (DCL, 1982)
Vee VV - Keepbeat (Vinyl Drip, 1986)
The Membranes - Big Nose And The Howlin' Wind (Criminal Damage, 1984)
The Higsons - I Don't Want To Live With monkeys (Romans In Britain, 1981)
Splat! - Yeah...The Dum Dum (Ron Johnson, 1983)
The Very Things - Wall Of Fur (DCL/Reflex, 1986)
bIG fLAME - Man Of Few Syllables (Ron johnson, 1985)
MacKenzies - New Breed (Ron Johnson, 1986)
Jackdaw With Crowbar (Ron Johnson, 1987)
The Noseflutes - Catcheel Maskhole (Ron Johnson, 1986)
World Domination Enterprises - Hotsy Girl (Product Inc, 1988)
A Witness - Camera (Ron Johnson, 1985)
Twang - Here's Lukewarm (Ron Johnson, 1987)
The Shrubs - Edith (Ron Johnson, 1987)
Stump - Ice The Levant (Ron Johnson, 1986)
Bogshed - The Fastest Legs (Shelfish, 1986)
Sperm Wails - Lady Chatterley's Lover (Sprat & Mackerel, 1988)
Dog Faced Hermans - Frock (Vinyl Drip, 1989)
Death by Milkfloat - The Man Whose Senses Failed (Ediesta, 1988)
Dandelion Adventure - Jinx's Truck (Action, 1990)
Stretchheads - Acid Sweeney (Blast First, 1991)
Dawson - Leaf Sweepers And Sandwich Men (Gruff Wit, 1992)
Gag - Full Seaside Antics (Voice Of Shade, 1993)
Badgewearer - Short Fast Control (Guided Missile, 1994)
Mecca - Civil Kong Smasher (1992)
Nostril - Bewdong Canoe Start (Gruff Wit, 1996)
Yummy Fur - Amelia Scoptophilia (Guided Missile, 1995)