Saturday, October 06, 2007

the end of the 80's. the worst record of the 80's.

groove farm | plug

"plug" by the groove farm is a FUCKING AWFUL RECORD.
it has no redeeming features whatsoever.
just to be absolutely sure i'm listening to it again as i type.
and, yup, i was right first time.

it came out in 1989 and is simply half-arsed, lazy, awful.
i didn't buy it when it came out because i couldn't bear to be seen taking it out of a record store.
and why would anyone want to when at the same time you could buy:

flour | L.U.V.7.1.3.

FLOUR "L.U.V.7.1.3." - terrific and really quite funny mock rock nonsense.

foetus inc | <sink>

FOETUS INC. "" - compilation of some of the best bits from jim thirlwell's back catalogue.

we all have choices in this life.
i made mine.