Friday, July 20, 2007


both the first and the last times that i saw cud was at coventry university.
i had a friend studying there and used to go and stay.
i hadn't really been interested much in cud - their early singles didn't get me all excited like they did my friends.

i can barely remember the first cud gig.
i have no idea why this event has disappeared so completely from my memory because the one thing that i do remember is that i bought a cud t-shirt.
and if the show had been so terrible as to have been forgetable surely i'd have not bothered to spend money on merchandise.
it was white and had a large flourescent orange U with udders on the front.
i wore it approximately once.
then i put it in the bin.

cud | when in rome kill me

then one day "when in rome kill me" came out.
i decided i didn't like it.
EVERYONE was going on about how fantastic cud were and it bored me rigid.
my girlfriend had bought it too and i had to listen to it constantly.

fast forward a year or two and i'm no longer with said girlfriend and i have started drinking and i have a new bosom buddy.
the thing is, this new buddy likes cud.
he also likes lots of other stuff that i like - julian cope, the fall, you know...
but he likes cud.

around this time the dreaded "indie-dance" thing was really kicking off and that, as i've mentioned before, DEFINITELY wasn't for me.
one evening this buddy of mine suggested we go see cud - they were playing birmingham.
we caught a train over and i watched them and suddenly i 'got it'.

i'm sure me 'getting' cud has more to do with my initial attitude to them and the fact they were making music you could dance to without sounding like the now f*cking atrocious soup dragons or primal cr*ppy scream (don't even get me started on my views on "screamadelica" because it might make you want to kill me).

anyway, where was i?
ah, yes.

cud, and how i became a fan.

from this first cud epiphany i and my buddy - why on earth am i using the word "buddy", i never say buddy in real life - i and my friend saw cud in various venues at least half a dozen times over the course of a few months.

cud | elvis belt

when "elvis belt" came out in 1991 i bought it and realised what i'd been missing out on by not buying the early singles.
but then something horrible happened.

the same year as "elvis bet" cud made some new records.
and they fell heavily into the catagory of "indie-dance".
my heart sank.

cud | leggy mambo

i bought the next album, "leggy mambo" but i knew i'd hate it before i even got it onto the record deck.

that same year the wedding present did a tour that was going to have a witness supporting.
i was so excited.
the tour called at coventry university and i just had to go.
sadly, a few weeks prior to the tour, a witness' guitar supremo rick aitken died in a rock climbing accident.
and who replaced a witness on the bill?
they played 40 minutes of poor dancey fluff and i booed them loudly and vigourously.
not one mention was made of why they were there and that infuriated me.
it wouldn't have hurt them to mention what had happened.
looking back of course i now think well why should they have.

i got home and filed my cud records away.
soon after my close friend and i drifted apart - he followed cud down the dance path towards the shamen, ecstacy, house music and raves in disused warehouses and i went back to my dog faced hermans, stretchheads, dawson thing.

nowadays i can listen to "when in rome kill me" and enjoy it.
but it's still tinged with a certain sadness at lost heroes, lost friends and lost bands i once loved.


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