Thursday, July 13, 2006

bIG fLAME - another pivotal moment

bIG fLAME | cubist pop manifesto

this was the first bIG fLAME record i bought.
i had recently heard them in session on the john peel show. it was a session that included a cover version of 'wake me up before you go-go". that's what got me first i think. that use of a huge pop hit - not quite mangling it, but certainly f*cking with it's innards.

soon afterwards i got hold of this:
bIG fLAME | two kan guru

and at that moment bIG fLAME became my favourite band in the world.
and they still are.
they are a yardstick by which i measure a lot of things - mainly my own music.

you see, to me bIG fLAME are a pop band. they made two minute slices of sheer unadulterated joy.
each song just xPLODES!
and whether you like it or not young pop-picker, bIG fLAME songs are full of tUNES.
mELODIES underpin the lyrics - and they're great lyrics.
it's just that bIG fLAME did all this at about 300 miles per hour, threw in some odd time signatures, and used a guitar sound thinner - no, not thinner - LEANER, than you imagined possible.
but it is POP!

i never saw them live, though i know someone who did - and, though he's a very dear friend, i hate him for it.


  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    just thought I'd say shortly after this was posted I was out bid on a copy of Two Kan Guru on eBay. You're obviously making sweeping waves of nostalgia through anonymous spazzy '80's kids!

    I wish you wern't, its the second time this week some mighty ron j. nonsense has been whipped away from me, posibly by somebody older, with like, money and so on.

    see you around, hope to make it to sarandon party type affair, m


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