Monday, July 10, 2006

how did it begin? do you care?

i arrived in england in 1978. planet telford.
i had no idea of what to expect.
i was 8 years old.

junior school seemed huge though seperated into just 3 sets of people:

girls who liked the nolans

however unwise it may have been i plumped for the rockers and duly found the delights of status quo and ac/dc.
(actually, that's not so surprising - during a brief soujourn to england in 1973 for my brother to be born my mum had bought me "sladest" which i dug so much i'd put on her platform boots and dance about to).
the problem was this. though i was trying hard to be an 8 year old rocker, by 9 i really liked a lot of the stuff the, ahem, mods were listening to.

then, at the age of 10, a couple moved in next door.
they were in their early 20s.
i got on really well with them - they had motorbikes. they even HAD A TRIKE!
i used to go next door to hang out and they introduced me to marc bolan, rezillos and adam & the ants.
that year i was bought "dirk wears white sox" for christmas (if i remember rightly).
i didn't realise at the time but it was the beginning of a lot of changes.
i barely listened to the record at the time - it just made me feel good to have this record in my possession - but when adam & the ants relaunched as pop superstars i was converted.
school discos would never be the same again.
a 4th group had arrived....wait for it....the ant people.
(and i STILL loved my metal records).

the next big thing?

saturday morning children's TV circa 1982.
in the ad-break there was an advert for a new single.
it was called "the greatness and perfection" and was by someone called julian cope.
that afternoon, in town with my mum, we went into the local record shop (a place that i would return to so often over the coming years that it was the one place my family knew they could find me) - the record was due out on the following monday and we put an order in for it.

that single meant the world to me.
it was ever so pop but copey still wore a leather jacket.
i know he wasn't the first, but remember i was 12.


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